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Computing and Computer Science

Curriculum aim

The Computing Department aims to educate students to become enthusiastic, confident and independent computer users who are then able to use their skills in a real context, thus preparing them for computing in the real world.

Computing is delivered by a committed team of professionals in three specialist computer teaching rooms. The subject is always delivered with a 1:1 computer to student ratio.

Formal departmental assessment takes place throughout the year at regular intervals to inform students and staff of progress made and highlight areas for further intervention.

Key Stage 3 curriculum overview

We use a range of software throughout Key Stage 3 and we aim to ensure that our students are happy, confident users of computers with an increased awareness of e-safety. Our aim is that students will develop skills in various applications; have a good understanding of how computing can help their work in other subjects; and become increasingly independent users of computer tools and information sources.

Key Stage 3 Programme of Study

Year 7

  • Using Computers Safely, Effectively and Responsibly
  • Spreadsheet Modelling
  • Understanding Computers
  • Introduction to Python Programming


Year 8

  • HTML & Website Development
  • Python: Next Steps
  • Computer Crime and Cyber Security
  • Database Development
  • Networks
Key Stage 4 GCSE Computer Science

At Key Stage 4, students have the option of choosing the AQA GCSE in Computer Science. This is a challenging course which is run over three years and gets students working with real-world practical programming techniques which gives them a good understanding of what makes technology work, moving them from being an end user of software applications to becoming a developer of computer software.

Students will learn to develop their software solutions using the coding language Python. This qualification is split into three components:

  • Component 1 โ€“ Paper 1 Computational Thinking and Problem Solving โ€“ single tier exam
  • Component 2 โ€“ Paper 2 Written Assessment โ€“ single tier exam
  • Component 3 โ€“ Non-Exam Assessment โ€“ is examined by controlled assessment

Keep in touch
Subject Lead for Computing is Mrs Osborne who can be contacted by email at


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